RIP Fat but cheers to Beezlebub 🐈‍⬛

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Bub was sent to you. Fat sent him.

I know that.

I miss the kitties I have had. Caesar and Princess litter mates, cornish rex kitties born in 1991

they lived to be 18 and 19. When Caesar died, he sent me Pierro. the most beautiful little wonderful kitty boy. Pierro lived only 8 years I think. I adored that kitty boy because I knew Caesar sent him. Caesar and Prinnie were the best kitties.

Now I have Miles and Princess the second. I love them. I miss my old kitties so much

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Long Live Bub!

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I’m so glad Bub arrived and so sorry for your loss of Fat. Best Cats. (I have one, too 😊)

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