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Way to cut through the hype! The real pandemic on this planet is propaganda.... Damn shame ration thinking doesn’t work as well a fear mongering for most people

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"Delta DoublePlusUngood Supreme" they need to hire you to create better variant titles.

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Delta DoublePlus Supreme sounds like an ice cream sundae.

That might have lured in some covidians, but with the Ungood part. Well, that is just scary.

I do like your name for the virus though.

I tried reading some of the dystopian first chapter, but I just couldn't "connect" haha

Really, I like trying new things.

we are living in the most hideous of times. Some people are brilliant and they have learned to figure it out on their own... you know, make their own conclusions.

Others are dependent of the "truth lords" that they worship.

It took a long time for humanity to get to this sorry point in history. It will take a long time to recover. I just do not know how.

I do know "The Great Reset" will not be the driver to sanity. We will have to "surgically remove" the poisons from this planet. Perhaps Musk can assist in sending them all to Mars. We could start a campaign that Mars it the place for the Woke people, and the greenies. No cows allowed etc

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