Dispatches From Dystopia
Dispatches From Dystopia Podstack
New Moon, New Me!

New Moon, New Me!

Episode 4 of the Dispatches From Dystopia Podstack

Episode 4 of the Dispatches From Dystopia Podstack is about rhythms in the natural order of life and all things.

I completely overhauled the way I do schedules and goal-setting a little over a year ago. These changes came about as a result of my increasing awareness that there is a rhythm to life—one that I ignore to my own peril.

So here are my thoughts on going with the flow of natural rhythms, planning your life by the lunar cycle, and what tf any of this has to do with dystopia. If you’d like to watch the video, that’s below.

Also! I’m still running a special discount on Extremists Being Awesome membership through the end of May 2023. If you’re into exercising your inner authority and chilling with other radical thinkers and doers while getting stuff done, this little productivity group is for you. The details are here, and you can sign up here.

Thank you for listening!

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In times of real-world dystopia, dissenters must not surrender to fear and delusion, but become active protagonists in the story of restoration and realignment. The Great Reset, technocratic agendas, mass delusion, and economic insanity will create outer crises, but they can’t crush the protagonist’s spirit.

As in all good stories, the path will be difficult, with many obstacles along the way. And like all heroes, the dystopian survivor will need to develop his character in response to each struggle. Only in this way can he gain the strength he’ll need for the final battle.

By devoting ourselves to inner growth and outer integrity, we hasten dystopia’s end and acquire the skills and qualities that will be needed for rebuilding.

How to Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact) is a guide to the hero’s journey through the dystopian landscape. 

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Dispatches From Dystopia
Dispatches From Dystopia Podstack
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