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Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley of Dystopia
Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley of Dystopia
Episode 5, with a guided meditation for transcending dystopia

***Trigger warning for people who are overly dogmatic about their religious/spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof.)

This episode starts off with a discussion of fear and hope. Then I delve into some spiritual concepts through the window of a biblical passage. Finally, I offer a guided meditation for transcending dystopia.

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In times of real-world dystopia, dissenters must not surrender to fear and delusion, but become active protagonists in the story of restoration and realignment. The Great Reset, technocratic agendas, mass delusion, and economic insanity will create outer crises, but they can’t crush the protagonist’s spirit.

As in all good stories, the path will be difficult, with many obstacles along the way. And like all heroes, the dystopian survivor will need to develop his character in response to each struggle. Only in this way can he gain the strength he’ll need for the final battle.

By devoting ourselves to inner growth and outer integrity, we hasten dystopia’s end and acquire the skills and qualities that will be needed for rebuilding.

How to Survive Dystopia (With Your Humanity Intact) is a guide to the hero’s journey through the dystopian landscape. 

The book is available in paperback and on virtually all digital platforms. Find your preferred format:



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Dispatches From Dystopia

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