May 13 • 11M

Expansion and Contraction in Busy-ness

Episode 3 of the Dispatches From Dystopia Podstack

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Starr O'Hara
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As often happens, I had further thoughts on the topic of last week’s episode on laziness. So I recorded a follow-up episode. This one’s about how the state of contraction can also appear when you are very busy.

This one’s pretty short; you can probably listen while brushing your teeth and clipping your toenails. (Multi-tasking.) And if you’d prefer to watch the video, that’s below, along with info about the discount I’m currently running for Extremists Being Awesome membership.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. If you’re looking for ways to break through from contraction to expansion in your life, take a look at my productivity group for free-thinkers, Extremists Being Awesome. I’ve just extended the celebratory 20% discount (for reaching 300 subscribers on the Substack) until May 31st.

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